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A patch test is required for all lifting, perming and tinting treatments and needs to be booked at least 48 Hours before your appointment. A patch test is required if you are a new client or if you haven’t been with us within the last 3 months for the same appointment you would like to book. 






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Hair cut & colour






Nail Services


oplaplex / NAF STUFF & MORE


We have amazing products in our Shop! From NAF STUFF , the high end products for your nails , OLAPLEX, WELLA PRO and MATRIX for your hair, TATTI LASHES for getting night out ready SKIN , HAIRCARE , JEWELLERY and much more. Visit us and shop in house. 


If you havent been with us before or have had your last appointment over 3 Months ago, a patch test is required and needs to be booked before your appointment. 

To book an appointment please click on the book now button on our website. 

We are unable to take phone calls and to avoid waiting time via social media contact, we recommend and kindly ask to book online via our online booking system.

Patch test are required for Lash lifting appointments, perming appointments, Hair colouring, Brow and Lash tints, Henna brows, Brow Laminations and aesthetic and cosmetic procedures. A patch test is required at least 48 hours before your appointment and has to be booked online. 

Not sure what treatment to book? Why not book a consultation with us, this way you can get the perfect advise and help, to book the right treatment for you. It is also a great chance to ask questions and get the patch test done at the same time. 

A Cancellation and reschedule policy is in place. Please be aware that each individual business might have different policies and we recommend to speak to the businesses you booked with directly. Our cancellation and rescheduling policy:

24 hours notice – 100 %

48 hours norice – 50 % 

No shows are charged 100% and no further appointments will be given until paid.

Please follow the aftercare advise given. We understand that you might been too exited with your end results and not had a chance to fully listen to us. Don’t worry, you can find our aftercare advise on our Aftercare page. It is also important to keep on top with your appointments and to book a follow up appointment directly online or in the salon after your appointment. 

The Team is created by individual businesses that all work at HBAC but not for HBAC.  

We would like to give you the best possible way of creating and managing your bookings. Quick and simple. Create your own profile and manage all your bookings online in one app. You can check in daily to view your upcoming appointments, collect loyalty points for each booking and schedule your own bookings. 

We offer online or paper Gift Vouchers. For online Vouchers please click on our Online voucher button or the book now button to get to our online booking system and vouchers. 


Each Therapist in our Clinic has their own individual Business and not all can be booked or contacted via our page. We kindly ask you to visit our contact page to find all information about each individual business, therapist, what they offer and how to contact them directly if needed. 


We understand that life can sometimes be difficult or stressful and you don’t feel like chatting during your appointment. Feel free to let your therapist know before starting the treatment or drop us / your therapist  a message directly. 

What is a silent appointment? A silent appointment is a deeply relaxing appointment, where the therapist does not try to have a conversation with you and where you don’t need to feel forced to speak to the therapist. it’s an appointment in ” silence” with music of your choice in the background. Just write in the notes when booking an appointment, that you wish a silent appointment


We got you! We understand that not everyone can be surrounded by bright lights. Our salon is extremely light but we have certain treatment areas where we can work “in the dark” . Our rooms are designed to create the right atmosphere for each individual client and we are happy to keep the light to a minimum. Please contact us before your appointment to inform us so our staff can set up the room for you. 

Of course you can. You can book as many appointments as you like. If you like to book many individual appointments with individual therapists, we recommend to drop us an email or call the salon 01397700563 to arrange your appointments. A therapist will help you with your booking to keep the waiting time and duration of appointments to a minimum for you. Or book and manage all your appointments online via our online booking system.

Unfortuenely we dont allow to bring family and friends. Our salon has no space and the rooms are not designed to have serveral people in them, not only as we would like to respect the privacy of other clients but also that the therapist can not work fully with having more people in one room or other paying clients have bno seating areas due to others friends and family. To avoid disappointment, please arrive to your appointment alone. Your friends and family can wait for you at the cafe ( Costa) along the road. 

We fully understand that it is hard to find childcare. Unfortunately our premises are not designed for children and have no staff who can take care of your children while you have your appointment. The reception area is small and not designed as play areas  therefore can not be used for kids to play while waiting for their parents , this also includes the treatment rooms. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Should you need to take your children to the salon, the salon and therapists are taking no responsibility for your children and any damages caused would need to be covered. Example: Children are happy and play, may run around and hit by accident the trolley of a therapist and expensive machinery drops to the floor or gets damaged. We love children and even have children in for appointments like hair cuts and nail colouring. We only care about you too as most appointments mean that you need to sit still or have your eyes closed and can not run after your child and neither can the therapist.  This is just for the safety for yourself and children 🙂 


This is completely free choice of your own. We as Therapists will wear Face coverings and PPE during all treatments as this is something we have done before the Pandemic and due to hygiene reasons, keep doing. You as our clients have the free choice of wearing a face covering if not mandatory or mentioned by Government Guidelines.


We have strict cancellation and rescheduling policies in place that can be found on our website. By booking an appointment you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and regardless of the cancellation or rescheduling reason our terms and conditions fall into place.  

Cancelling (including rescheduling your appointment last minute) 

48 H BEFORE APP – 50 % 
24 H BEFORE APP- 100%


Please contact your therapist to check with their terms and policies before booking. We understand that some situations might be out of control. Please do not book an appointment if you are not sure about your availability or are not happy with our terms.  

We do not offer any advanced beauty treatments under the age of 16. This policy excludes hair styling and kids nail polish (normal nail polish no filing, glue or gel)


Not all therapist and businesses have the option to book online with the clinic and therefore some appointments need to be booked with the therapist directly. 


Treat yourself or your loved one by purchasing a Voucher from HBAC. We offer online Vouchers and Paper Vouchers, For the Online Voucher, simply click the button below.